John Chamberlain, Bruce Nauman

February 24 – March 25, 2006
Gallery 2
Installation Views

John Chamberlain
"Untitled #4", 1966
Urethane foam and cord
9 x 11 x 11 inches
ARG# CHJ1966-001

Press Release

When I first became familiar with John Chamberlain's urethane foam and cord sculptures, I developed a mental picture of how wonderful it would be to see one of them in the same room as Bruce Nauman's "Henry Moore Bound to Fail". Some five years later, I was still contemplating the comparison. I am grateful to be able to have these works in Gallery 2 and enjoy the opportunity to experience them together in person.

The exhibition includes two John Chamberlain urethane foam sculptures, "Untitled", c. 1967 – 1968 and "Untitled (#4)", 1966 and Bruce Nauman's cast iron "Henry Moore Bound to Fail", 1967 – 1970. The difference in the works' materials and sheer weight plays against the close dates of their conception and physically bound nature.