Andrea Zittel A-Z Advanced Technologies
May 6 – June 18, 2005
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    "Prototype for Billboard at A-Z West: 'These Things I Know for Sure' #1", 2005
    Flashe and polyurethane varnish on birch plywood
    41 x 71 inches
    ARG# ZA2005-007

    "Raugh Shelving Unit with Fiber Form Bowls and Found Objects from A-Z West", 2005
    Laminated ACX plywood, carboard boxes with burlap and plaster, fiber form bowls and found objects
    108 x 144 x 37 inches
    ARG# ZA2005-005

    "Single Strand Shapes: Forward Motion (Big Black and White X)", 2005
    Sheep and llama wool crocheted
    82 x 82 inches
    ARG# ZA2005-013

    ©Andrea Zittel

  • ARG# ZA2004-004