Four-Ply July 15 – August 20, 2004
Main Gallery

Linda Benglis Rachel Foullon Robert Gober Aric Obrosey
Robert Rauschenberg Ryan Johnson Felix Gonzalez-Torres Simon Periton
Niki de Saint Phalle Matthew Ronay Bruce Nauman Eva Rothschild

In this exhibition paper steps out of its supporting role, snaps from two dimensions into three, and appears as a sculptural medium in its own right.

There is a fascinating conjunction of three paper ‘stack' pieces, seen together for the first time, by Bruce Nauman, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Robert Gober. Paper here is the perfect medium to allow the dissemination of information and for Nauman and Gonzalez-Torres, to thereby enable the sculpture to pass beyond the boundaries of the gallery

Among the younger generation, paper is used construct representational, narrative sculpture by Matthew Ronay, Rachel Foullon and Ryan Johnson. All three have a strong element of fantasy or whimsy in their invented worlds. Ronay draws on the techniques of architectural model-makers to create an impractical "Magic House" through which paper tendrils of magic wind. Foullon's works contains architectural elements as well, but they are carried away on a great flow of paper lava that also sweeps along an orange peel and flowering branch as flotsam.

Three further young artists have used intricate cutting or weaving recalling craft techniques, and sometimes at odds with the subject matter – as when Aric Obrosey creates a work glove from a delicate lacy tracery of paper.