Matthew Ronay It's an Uprising!
February 25 – March 26, 2005
Main Gallery

  • Works listed clockwise from top left

    "Retard's Discovery (Divining)", 2004
    MDF, steel, wood, paint
    38 1/4 x 89 x 44 1/2 inches
    ARG# ROM2004-018

    Portion of
    "Five-Headed Cock in Drag", 2005
    MDF, steel, wood, paint
    Dimensions vary with installation
    ARG# ROM2005-001

    "Epicenter World Series", 2004
    MDF, copper, paint
    53 x 68 x 41 inches
    ARG# ROM2004-014

    "Leprosy Hand On Vagina Float", 2004
    MDF, wood, paint
    16 1/2 x 78 x 46 inches
    ARG# ROM2004-012

    © Matthew Ronay

  • "Epicenter World Series", 2004
    MDF, copper, paint
    53 x 68 x 41 inches
    ARG# ROM2004-014

    © Matthew Ronay

  • "Cat's Butt Hole in Role of Heaven in Reverse Rapture", 2004
    MDF, steel, wood, paint
    Approximately 78 x 140 x 151 inches
    ARG# ROM2004-042

    © Matthew Ronay

  • Works from left

    "Mummyhands Bagpipe Psyops (We Don't Need No Oxygen!)", 2004
    MDF, wood, paint
    40 x 78 x 94 inches
    ARG# ROM2004-015

    "Beyond Ripe", 2004
    MDF, wood, copper, steel, and paint
    36 1/2 x 77 x 53 inches
    ARG# ROM2004-013

    © Matthew Ronay

Matthew Ronay: The Third Attention

By Matthew Drutt, Dr. John Hale

Hardcover: 88 pages
Publisher: Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 098919180X
ISBN-13: 978-0989191807

Published in conjunction with the exhibition at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft:

Matthew Ronay
Mounting Toward Zenith /
Descending And Disappearing

February 15–May 5, 2013

This catalogue of Ronay’s oeuvre is produced by the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute. Matthew Ronay: The Third Attention includes essays by Dr. John Hale, Director of the Liberal Studies Program at the University of Louisville and Matthew Drutt (M.A. Yale University) Executive Director of the Blouin Cultural Advisory Group.

Matthew Ronay: Goin' Down, Down, Down

by Ziba de Weck Ardalan, Michael Glover, Bruce Hainley, Matthew Ronay

Hardcover: 116 pages
Publisher: JRP|Ringier/Parasol Unit Foundation (March 1, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3905770121
ISBN-13: 978-3905770124

Published on the occasion of the exhibition:
Matthew Ronay
Goin' Down, Down, Down
Parasol Unit, London, United Kingdom
September 13 - November 8, 2006