Rita Ackermann Corvette
March 10 – April 15, 2000
Main Gallery

Although one surface, these newest paintings appear as collage, almost disjointed, incorporating many painting and drawing styles as well as a complex range of imagery. It is as if Ackermann is collaging her own lexicon of subjects and techniques. What emerges is a deeper and more complex visual language.

Helpful, kind, fast, good listener, mother of thunder who loves rock & roll, cheese nachos with guacamole
Who feels funny, unselfish, lucky.
Who finds happiness in myself, my family
Who needs attention, affection, people to like me
Who gives loyalty, friendship, and understanding
Who fears losing a member of my family, dying in a car crash, being alone in the dark
Who would like to see Alaska, Niagara Falls, and the Mississippi
Who enjoys the outdoors, music, fast cars and frozen margaritas
Who likes to wear jeans, sexy clothes, cowboy boots
Resident of Texas, 2314 Woodway Drive, Corpus Christi

Rita Ackermann
March 2000