Vibeke Tandberg October 23 – November 27, 1999
Gallery 2

Last summer we included Vibeke Tandberg in a group exhibition exposing her body of work, "Faces". We are happy to have this opportunity to present her newest body of work in the inaugural exhibition of Gallery 2.

Vibeke Tandberg continues to work with digital photographic montages engaged in the exploration of the manipulation of self imagery involving her own self portrait and sometimes digitally mixing it with portraits of friends.

She explains the following about her new work:

"Line" is a body of work consisting of five life size photographs showing a girl in different poses. The girl in the pictures is a result of a digital montage mixing my face and my friend Line's face. I started working with these pictures because I admire Line a lot both in looks and personality and I wanted to make the pictures in order to emphasize the fragile lines between admiration and envy within a friendship. Another reason is that I have always had a dream of being a natural blonde.

The work also represents five different individuals as the mixes are slightly different from picture to picture. While working, I started playing with the visual codes within portraiture as a genre, on how we interpret personalities into poses and gestures. So the five versions of Line and me in the same body also represent five different personalities. Most of them escape archetypal categorization and are only interpreted as vague nuances of a personality.