Weird: A Subjective Selection organized by Olivier Renaud-Clement
January 5 – February 9, 2002
Gallery 2

This exhibition focuses on one aspect of our Gallery 2 program that is anchored in showing historical work that might not otherwise be seen within the same context as work by contemporary artists.

Weird is comprised of over twenty different photographs, ranging from examples of very early photography to vintage work from the late 1930's. This particular exhibition endeavors to delve into the side of image making that may fall outside the ‘normal', including works by important historical figures, anonymous photographers, and para-scientific/medical images.

…presenting a very important picture from 1848 by A. Humbert de Molard of his daughter Louise, the infamous and beautiful Comtesse de Castiglione giving herself to the viewer in the least expected attire, other obscure and unreadable images by important figures of the surrealist movement, appearing and disappearing bodies, striking anonymity, unknown authors…

A note accompanies each photograph, which is sometimes subjective, sometimes factual, in order to add to the visual experience. The freedom to look at and interpret images out of context is encouraged.